With a degree in advertisement, Fafi’s entrepreneurial nature lead her to open her own advertising firm where she remained as a founding partner for eleven years.

During her professional career, Fafi developed a passion for Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Yoga and always sought the path of self-knowledge. She advanced her expertise in these areas by taking courses, workshops and seminars for over 15 years.

With eight personal residential moves in twelve years, she developed a love for interior design. Fafi refined a personal and unique method of decorating her home in accordance to the emotional needs of her life at that moment. It was through her personal experience that she discovered the healing benefits certain objects, colors and materials can bring to one’s life.

Fafi currently lives in California with her family. Oftentimes she travels and explores the world experiencing other ways of life. It expands her soul, her heart, and perspective.

Fafi put all her passions together to create Home & Soul, with the mission to provide people a balanced, integral home, where one could find themselves in the sacred space and live attuned with their own essence.

A home in harmony leaves its occupants more aware of who they are and what they want.

And it’s those people who, collectively, make a difference in their search for a better world.