Home & Soul provides you with the tools to transform, revitalize and harmonize your Home. Once your consultation is complete, you may also opt to get professional Decoration assistance from our dedicated partners.

Adriana Gama

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Passionate about photography, cinema, art, design, fashion, yoga and healthy living, Adriana began as a photographer after graduating in Cinema studies. She then went on to work as a set decorator and wardrobe designer.
To plan, reshape, transform and change a setting has always been a pleasure for Adriana, either in the visual arts, home or business.
As an entrepreneur she’s always looking to evolve professionally. She owned a children’s store specializing in cinematic themed products.
Her path inevitably brought one more talent, this time in Interior Design. This allowed her to use her set design experience, but this time she applied it in the real world.

Ana Claudia Schultz

New York, USA

Ana Claudia Design (“ACD”) was founded and created by Ana Claudia Schultz. She has a background in architecture from Florida International University, six years working in the architecture industry and ten years working in design.  ACD now focuses on INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE transforming your space into beautiful interiors.
Growing up in Brazil, New York, and Miami, Ana Claudia was introduced to a wide variety of cultures and styles which gave her an appreciation to many different aesthetics. She now implements her experiences in order to create beautiful designs that showcase her client’s personality.
With an open mind, perceptive eyes, and compassion, Ana Claudia listens to her clients needs and pays attention to their lifestyles in order to create beautiful interior designs with personality. She gets the pleasure of giving them just that, or more importantly, a sigh of relief when they walk in the door after a long day.
A client may have taken a chance by putting themselves out there to create a new business and with time and hard work, they need to expand.  Ana Claudia finds great reward in helping them grow into a comforting and rewarding new work space.  She finds constant motivation in the ability to assist them in reaching their goals with successful interiors to reflect their brand and personality

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